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Sunday School

It's for life!

Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone, from the very young to the very old.

It is:

  • lifelong
  • life-giving
  • about real life
  • connected to the Source of Life
While helping kids know the Bible is important, it's just as important to help them live it out in their daily experience. Sunday School should not only get your kids into the Bible, it should get the Bible into your kids, transforming their hearts and lives.

During school terms our time together includes prayer, bible study, activities which may include arts and crafts, drama, singing and memory verses to keep us considering God's Word throughout the week. Sunday School endeavours to teach children about the Bible in a fun and exciting way. We follow a set curriculum. Our classes are small and friendly.

Our Sunday School consists of one hour classes which are held in "The House" annexed to the Church from 9:15am to 10:30am every Sunday (except school and public holidays) and finishes with morning tea. Parents are welcome to stay, have a coffee and a chat.

Who goes?

Anyone school age can come to Sunday School and the older students (young adults) sometimes continue to come even after they have finished school. Students can start Sunday School from about age 4, but some of the teacher's younger children come too! Anyone can come, not just students of the Church members. Parents are welcome to stay during Sunday School.

What is taught?
Stories and principles from the Bible, about God's plan, creation, the life of Jesus Christ and how we should live as followers of Jesus. We generally use the New King James version of the Bible and we ensure each student owns a copy. A Bible is given to each student of an age able to read it. Students are encouraged to read and question meaning for themselves and to ask their parents and teachers. God's love toward all people is clearly seen from the Bible and all students are encouraged to develop their relationship with God.

Why go?
Some students come because they told their parents they wanted to come along, others come because their parents want their children to have a solid foundation to a Christian education. Lessons learned in Sunday School lay the groundwork enabling young adults to make important choices in their lives informed by the teaching of Jesus Christ and God's plan for all people.

What does it cost?

Sunday School is free. All costs associated with the running of the Sunday School, books, craft etc are borne by the Church. The collection that is taken up from the students, usually a small coin given to them by Mum or Dad, is 100% passed to charity and is intended to give students a direct link to charitable donation and recipients. These focus on children's charities, mostly Australian, but sometimes overseas. Donations are not compulsory.

the coming of the Lord draweth nigh
James 5:8