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Hurstville District Christadelphians
an active, Bible centred congregation following the example
of Jesus Christ while waiting for the Kingdom of God

Hurstville Women's Bible Class

Second Friday of the month at 10:30am.


Women's bible class is held at the Church. Classes are based on teachings from the Bible and discuss issues of interest. Each class is presented by one of the women of the Church and concludes with lunch.

Visitors are always welcome.

Next class

Classes are currently being conducted via ZOOM.

The next class will be held on 12th June, 2020 at 10:30am.

Topic: Contradictions in the Bible


8May2020 Women Jesus Encountered audio pdf
13Mar2020 Spirit of Place audio
14Feb2020 The Trumpet Calls of Israel audio pdf
8Nov2019 Handel's Messiah - The Music and the Message audio pdf
11Oct2019 How Did the Jews Miss Their Messiah? audio pdf
13Sep2019 The Need to Turn Aside audio
12Jul2019 The Beginnings of a Parable audio
14Jun2019 Mary & Martha audio pdf
10May2019 The Exciting Design of Ezekial's Temple audio pdf
8Mar2019 Belonging audio pdf
8Feb2019 Tabitha audio
9Nov2018 The Magi audio pdf
14Sep2018 Jeremiah & Co. audio pdf
10Aug2018 Simon of Cyrene audio
10Aug2018 Centurion at the Foot of the Cross audio
13Jul2018 Philemon audio pdf
8Jun2018 Martha audio pdf
9Mar2018 The Syro-Phoenician Woman audio pdf
8Sep2017 Law and Grace - Beatitudes in the Law of Moses audio pdf
11Aug2017 Exaltation Through Humility: Receiving And Giving audio
14Jul2017 Root to Fruit audio pdf
9Jun2017 No Mysteries audio
12May2017 Israel, Rome and Paul audio
10Mar2017 Hearing the Silence audio
10Feb2017 Spiritual Lessons from Creation audio pdf
14Oct2016 Israel in the Days of the Feet & Toes Pt4 audio pdf
14Oct2016 Israel in the Days of the Feet & Toes Pt3 audio pdf
14Oct2016 Israel in the Days of the Feet & Toes Pt2 audio pdf
9Sep2016 Israel in the Days of the Feet & Toes Pt1 audio pdf
12Aug2016 The Roman Empire to the Time of Christ audio pdf
8Jul2016 The Maccabean/Hasmonean Period Pt4: Different Aspects Of Hanukkah audio
8Jul2016 The Maccabean/Hasmonean Period Pt3: Different Aspects Of Hanukkah audio
8Jul2016 The Maccabean/Hasmonean Period Pt2: The Apocrypha audio
8Jul2016 The Maccabean/Hasmonean Period Pt1: The Maccabean Uprising audio pdf
10Jun2016 The Grecian Period audio pdf
13May2016 Israel Under The Persians audio pdf
8Apr2016 The Babylonians Pt5: Astronomers audio
8Apr2016 The Babylonians Pt4: The Message Of Ezekial To The Jews In Babylon audio
8Apr2016 The Babylonians Pt3: Demons And Devils audio
8Apr2016 The Babylonians Pt2: The Symbol Of Nations audio
8Apr2016 The Babylonians Pt1: The Greatness Of Babylon audio
11Mar2016 Israel & Assyria audio pdf
12Feb2016 Israel & The Nations audio pdf
13Nov2015 Jesus & Pontius Pilate audio
9Oct2015 Jesus & Saul audio pdf
11Sep2015 Jesus & Mary (His mother) audio pdf
14Aug2015 Jesus & Poverty audio pdf
12Jun2015 Jesus & John The Baptist audio
8May2015 Jesus & Legion audio
10Apr2015 Jesus & the Paralytic audio
13Mar2015 Jesus & His Family audio pdf
13Feb2015 Jesus & The Canaanite Women audio
14Nov2014 Malachi audio
10Oct2014 Haggai audio pdf
12Sep2014 Habakkuk audio pdf
8Aug2014 Amos audio pdf
11Jul2014 Joel audio
13Jun2014 Faith In Everyday Life audio
9May2014 Mary Magdalene - Who Was She? pdf
11Apr2014 Priscilla & Aquilla Teach An Apostle audio
14Mar2014 Pride audio pdf
14Feb2014 The Glory Of God In Creation audio
15Nov2013 Messages To The Churches In Revelation Pt2 audio pdf
15Nov2013 Messages To The Churches In Revelation Pt1 audio pdf
11Oct2013 New Testament Response To Gnosticism audio pdf
13Sep2013 The Thief On The Cross audio
9Aug2013 Knowing God & Making Him Known audio
12Jul2013 Titus audio pdf
12Jul2013 1 Timothy audio
12Jul2013 2 Timothy audio pdf
14Jun2013 In Chains - Letter To The Ephesians audio
14Jun2013 In Chains - Letter To The Philippians audio pdf
10May2013 All Roads Lead To Rome - Letter To Philemon audio
10May2013 All Roads Lead To Rome - Letter To Colossians audio pdf
12Apr2013 Many Trials audio pdf
8Mar2013 The Gospel For All Mankind, Letter To The Romans audio pdf
8Feb2013 A Divided Ecclesia, Letters To The Corinthians audio pdf
12Oct2012 God's Purpose & Man's Prejudice audio pdf
14Sep2012 Peter Steps Up audio pdf
10Aug2012 The Challenge Of Moving Out audio pdf
13Jul2012 In The Beginning In Jerusalem audio pdf
8Jun2012 The Servant's Ministry audio pdf
11May2012 Hezekiah audio pdf
13Apr2012 Israel's Deliverance & Restoration audio
9Mar2012 God's Complaint Against The Nations audio
10Feb2012 Historical Background & Isaiah's Commission audio
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